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Boudelo Blond is a clear, blond beer, with a nice white head. A very refreshing start, supported by a nice saturation, is followed by a light, sweet malty body with spicy aromas thanks to a late hopping with a blend of Belgian hops. A bitterness slowly makes its appearance. Boudelo Blond is more bitter than pils but less bitter than an IPA. The slightly drier, bitter aftertaste makes it very thirst-quenching. Despite the alcohol percentage of 5.8%, you experience a full taste. Just as easy to drink as an export, but with a bit more spice!


Brewers talking: "Back to the roots, or so we thought! With the Boudelo beers, we breathed new life into the old abbey of Klein-Sinaai and created a series of abbey beers that everyone loves."


Testimonial: "Boudelo Blond is a blond beer as it should be! Deliciously refreshing and appropriate at any time. We already know what our favourite beer will be after football practice!" STEVEN



Boudelo blondBLOND
Blond – Alc. 5,8% by vol.

10 EBC – Blond

35 IBU – Very refreshing

Available in selected bars and restaurants and specialized liquor stores.