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Besides the trappist, an abbey beer or tripel is recognised worldwide as a speciality of the Belgian beer culture. Brewery The Musketeers has launched many beers with innovative flavours, but we like to keep the Belgian traditions alive! Boudelo Tripel is a tripel pur sang: fruity notes from the yeast, a spicy and floral hop aroma derived from traditional hops and a smooth taste, rounded off with a warming alcohol feeling.

Brewers talking: "A triple, the classic among abbey beers, could not be missing from this line. We are sure it will conquer the heart of the beer lover!"

Testimonial: "A game night with friends cannot be without a Tripel! Boudelo Tripel is exactly what I expect from an abbey beer: a fine taste with a full aftertaste!"  DANIEL


Tripel – Alc. 7,8% by vol.

12 EBC – Golden-blond

30 IBU – Spicy and floral

Available in selected bars and restaurants and specialized liquor stores.